Kargador at Dawn

Kargador at Dawn
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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Reflection # 1: On Modern Painting

A reflection on a Modern Painting of two movements in the same circle... It is actually a painting of six figures - 3 males and e females.

The 3 male figures are named: MIND, FORM, and SPEECH. These 3 figures look outward from the circle - symbolically OBSERVING, DEFINING and NAMING realities. The energy is directed away from themselves and in three separate directions.

The 3 female figures are called MUSES and they are named MEDITATION, MEMORY and SONG. These three look toward one another, symbolically BEHOLDING, RECALLING, and AFFIRMING relationship. The energy moves toward the center of the circle - toward togetherness and unity.
In life's journey, particularly as we form and shape not only personality of students but also CHARACTER, we must constantly be reminded of this painting of the three males and 3 female figures.
Jun Mercado, OMI
NDU - February 21, 1998

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